Buckeye Championship Day 1 Recap


Game 1 of the Buckeye Championship began at 3pm for the Greyhounds. Greyhounds face opponent SMAC Central! Greyhounds come out and defense is on point! SMAC Central does not even get the ball to their end of the court until 9:00 left it the 1st half. Greyhounds have a comfortable lead at half with the score of 31-2.

Second half, Greyhounds continue to dominate and with 6:05 left in the game starters come out and bench finishes the game. Lady hounds coast to the 45-4 victory. Game 2 begins at 5:00.

Greyhounds face a bigger more athletic SMAC Believe team at 5:00. Believe came out and are beating the Greyhounds 2-3. Greyhounds stay tough and go in ahead at halftime 15-6.

Second half goes much differently for the Greyhounds. Greyhounds struggle making easy baskets and go the first 7 minutes of the half without scoring a basket. A strong SMAC team takes the lead on the Greyhounds. With 4:15 left in the game, score is tied at 24. Greyhounds begin to slow the game down, control the clock and keep a strong SMAC team from scoring and finish the game winning 27-24. Go Greyhounds!

Ready for some tournament action tomorrow.