Greyhounds 2020 team finished 2nd in the Huntington GBA


Our first game against The WV Thunder didn’t go as planned. Before the game Coach Bryan told us different things to do and once the game started we did the exact opposite. Which resulted in us losing the whole first half, but we soon redeemed ourselves but unfortunately it was to late. The final score was 39-28, and the Lady Hounds took a loss to the Thunder.

Our second game against team Inside Out, went by smooth. We went out and did what we were supposed to do. We play good defense and offense and we made good choices. We ended the game how we started in the beginning of the game and we came home with a win. The final score was 30-50 and after the game we helped Katie-Beth 40 get ready for her formal. (BTW we did a great job)

Today we played in the championship against the WV Thunder and it didn’t really go as we thought it would. In the first half we weren’t really doing what we were supposed to do. We were making mental mistakes and letting them get easy shots. We ended the game how we started and the final score was 47-23. The Lady Hounds went home as The Huntington GBA Runner-Ups.