2018 Season Preview for 2024 D-1 Greyhounds Team #SealTeam6


It’s been a different season that we planned at the end of last season, 2017. We’ve lost 4 players to the WV Thunder, 3/5 of our starters are gone. Usually players moving on doesn’t bother me but the process in which one player left has soured me in many ways, some still yet to surface.

But the girls that remained have shown a level of improvement that I didn’t think they had in them. The four that have been on this team the longest (Amaya, Izzy, Raine and JMoney) have come back with a chip in their shoulders. At NO point have they thought of giving up or changing teams, they’ve worked harder during practice to help the new girls (Laneigh and Precious) get caught up. Izzy has become one of the better helpers with explaining offensive sets to the new players, while Amaya is leading more by example. Raine and JMoney have shouldered a lot of the offense and defensive responsibilities without any resistance or pushing back.

Then there’s Ella and Haleigh, both were subs last season that have stepped into starting rolls without us missing a beat.

Ella’s overall game has greatly improved. I’ve always been impressed with her ability to shoot but she’s worked on her ball handling and decision making and her defensive effort has become more consistent.

Haleigh seems a bit more relaxed this season knowing she’s going to be counted on to be a perimeter defensive stopper as well as a 3 point shooter. I think Haleigh has accepted her roll and looks to have a great season.

This is going to be a challenging season but it will help shape the future of this team and program and I can’t wait to see how things unfold. But I will say this to the parents and players that have remained with the team, nothings changed! Our goals and process remains the same! The way we get there may be a bit different and sometimes difficult but we will achieve our original program goals, to give each player the opportunity to earn a scholarship to college.

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