GBA Nationals begins with 2 D-1 Greyhounds WINS


Game 1 of GBA Nationals starts at 5:10 as the D-1 Greyhounds 2024 face off with RGB Gold. Gold wins the tipoff and both teams are very aggressive. Greyhounds score first with 2 made free throws by Turner. The two teams battle until the first timeout of the game at the 1:34 point in the half with the Greyhounds up 12-9. As the half closes, Gold makes a couple of free throws along with a steal and half ends tied at 14. Second half is very much of the same. Greyhounds score a few threes to widen the gap but Gold continues to fight back. Greyhounds lead is just a little too much for the Gold and even a late 3 by Gold, Greyhounds take the win 33-29.

The D-1 Greyhounds class of 2025 tipped off at 6:10 against WV Elite in the GBA Nationals. The score stayed close early in the game. Elite made multiple three pointers and took the lead 12-6. Despite their effort the Lady Hounds were trailing 24-15 at the half. WV Elite were up 31-18 with 9 minutes left in the second half. The Greyhounds fought hard and brought the score to 33-26. The girls played their game for a score 34-33. D-1 Greyhounds tied the game 40-40 and took a victory of 45-40 in the last minute of the game.

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